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A brief flash of productivity

Green traffic lightI do like getting up early on a Saturday, getting on with whatever needs doing, and then still having a large portion of the day ahead of me. Last Saturday, with a very early start, this went according to plan, and by about 2pm I was free. So, rather than just talk about writing, I thought I’d actually get on and do some. Read the rest of this entry »

Ever wish a book would never end? (Richard Ford’s Bascombe Trilogy)

The Lay of the Land book cover - Richard FordFinally, after much procrastination, I have finished Richard Ford’s Bascombe Trilogy. That is, The Sportswriter, Independence Day and The Lay of the Land. It hasn’t taken me so long because the books were hard work, far from it. It has taken me so long because I haven’t wanted to leave the life of the narrator, Frank Bascombe. Read the rest of this entry »

Sign up to our writing group!

black and white photo of people writingThe recent post about my fiction-writing exploits attracted a series of comments that have led to an informal writing/writers group of sorts being discussed and (kind of) formed. I won’t give it too fancy a name, as at the moment it looks very much like three people emailing each other with their stories, and feeding back accordingly.

So, do you write fiction? And do you fancy joining us? Read the rest of this entry »

Oh good. Just what the internet needs. Someone else writing fiction

pen in shirt pocketWhat is it about that old saying that everyone has a book in them? Why do we all believe it? Is it reassuring just to know that at any time we could depart from our mundane lives in order to write the Great (Insert Country of Origin Here) Novel? Is it almost enough to just know we could do it, without having to actually go through with the messy business? Read the rest of this entry »

Bar Humbug – A Christmas story

A first for the blog, a very brief piece of fiction, for this festive time. Let me know what you think! And apologies for the terrible pun in the title.

Christmas was not a happy time at The George for Reg.

In the last week of November Cathy the barmaid had hung up the Christmas decorations. Reg, being Reg, threatened to tear them down. In the end, he only removed the tinsel that hung over his seat in the corner. He also removed the mistletoe that mysteriously appeared there soon after.

If nothing else, Christmas made Reg punctual. At noon each day he would be waiting as the doors were unbolted, primed to secure his seat. He would not risk losing it to an unsuspecting gentleman wearing a paper crown.

By mid-December, Reg was plagued by the parties of revellers patronising The George. At any one time there was guaranteed to be someone acting festive.

On one occasion a group broke out a rendition of ‘Deck The Halls’.

“Tis the season for bloody amateur drinkers, more like,” grumbled Reg, to no one in particular. “Bring on January, when they’ll all have gone back to their gyms and widescreen televisions, and us proper drinkers can get some peace.”

Reg drained his pint of Best, got up from his seat, and left the pub, letting in some snow on his way out.

A gentleman wearing a paper crown immediately slumped in Reg’s seat. “Tis the season to be jolly,” he sang, raising his pint of lager, to no one in particular.

Photo by mfajardo via Flickr.