201 – A Post Odyssey

by Steve

2001 - A Space Odyssey: the dawn of manI value you all, dear readers. You know that. So, when Double Word Score yesterday suggested a ‘Greatest Hits’ post, I just had to meet that request. So, here are the dozen most-read posts here at Wait Until Next Year. I hope this is what he had in mind. Otherwise, another post may well be following shortly…

  1. On writing: The romance of the writer from Hemingway to Gladwell – this was my first non-sporting post here, and bizarrely ended up on WordPress’ front page, as part of their ‘Freshly Pressed’ deal. It certainly brought in lots of readers, and I think one or two have since hung around. It’s a shame more didn’t, but considering my scattergun approach to blogging, I’m not surprised.
  2. England win – let the hype begin! – England reach the World Cup! And the journey to inevitable disappointment began! I think most people find this because they are looking for a nifty England flag photo, rather than to read my incredible footballing insight.
  3. Injury time – time for reform? – I moan about the unfairness of injury time. People always moan about this, hence it has remained a popular post.
  4. An unfunny night at the Greenwich Comedy – Ah, a recent one. My main example of how great social media can be. My little complaint got a fair bit of local coverage, which made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
  5. MLB.TV – What shall I buy? And when? – People looking for cheap baseball on their computer are disappointed to read this post, I’d imagine, as it offers few practical solutions.
  6. Man Crush Friday – Does what it says on the tin.
  7. What would Joe DiMaggio do? – Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea – Me going on about Hemingway again.
  8. Sports pages I’ve enjoyed this week – I think people looking for information about the old Sportspages bookshop make their way here. It is not a classic post. It does have a handy link or two.
  9. Fernando Torres and the stolen moment – More man crush-ery.
  10. What is a session beer? – BOOZE! All part of a really fun discussion.
  11. Stationery pleasures – Me talking about pens and paper and stuff.
  12. The Great Gatsby – or is he? – Me pretending to know what a book is about and stuff.

Well, that was fun. And a good way of digging up some old posts, I guess. I’d tell you the dozen least-viewed, but they haven’t been looked at for a very good reason…