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The Just In Time For Last Orders Pint

Couple sat at window of pub

Following on from the Missed Train Pint and The Pint With Your Fish and Chips On A Friday, I thought I’d return to the subject of my favourite drinking scenarios, which brings me to the joy of the Just In Time For Last Orders Pint. Read the rest of this entry »

A pre-gig drink at BrewDog Camden…


The other week marked my first wedding anniversary – an opportunity to look back on a wonderful day and a wonderful first year of marriage. And my wife, being the awesome wife that she is, bought me a great anniversary present. Two tickets to see The War on Drugs was the perfect present for two reasons. Reason one, Slave Ambient was my record of 2011. Reason two, the tickets were obviously made of paper[1], paper is the symbol of a first wedding anniversary, and so here was a present that was both incredibly thoughtful, and incredibly apt. Read the rest of this entry »