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Towards Tescopolis

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There was an interesting article on the Guardian website the other day from one of the judges of the Granta list of best British novelists under 40. Now, as this list is collated every ten years and I’m now in my thirties, unfortunately I will never be a Great Young Novelist as decreed by Granta. We shall overlook the fact that I haven’t written a novel, or anything approaching one, and probably never will, and perhaps focus for a moment on yet another sign of me slowly getting old. I was just about willing to accept that I was never going to be a professional footballer, but I figured being an acclaimed novelist was less time-dependant. Little did I know. I guess I better aim for a Nobel now. Anyway, back to that article… Read the rest of this entry »

Writing the Great Office Novel

Author at work!There is only so much procrastinating one can do. After a long hiatus, this weekend I finally got back to writing a little fiction. Right now the focus is on a (very ironically named) Great Office Novel. It really is nothing of the sort (certainly not the Great part), but is a means of me channelling some of my recent experiences, assimilating some others, and generally having fun with our 9-to-5 lives. Write what you know and all that. It’s been done before, it certainly has been done better, but I figure it is a good way to ease myself back into this fiction-writing lark. Read the rest of this entry »