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Sky, roofs, aerials

There are three railway lines that run through Greenwich and Bexley Boroughs. Each runs east to west, or west to east, if you prefer. They run parallel, near enough – the Greenwich line to the north, Bexleyheath line in the middle, and the Sidcup line to the south. So, it isn’t that easy travelling north to south, at least if you wish to go by train.  Read the rest of this entry »

Floating Gin Palace

Well, this looks like a proper day out. Even if you have no interest in watching people getting drunk on a boat in the 1960s there are some nice Thames-side shots of London and Greenwich to admire. British Pathé really is the gift that keeps on giving. I could lose hours and hours watching all their old films.

Greenwich Comedy Festival Update (or “My 15 minutes of near fame”)

Oh, the power of the internet! I write a moan about my experiences at a comedy festival, and before I know it, the story is everywhere! Read the rest of this entry »

A half of Hospital Porter please…

Howdy folks. A couple of World Cup-free days to recharge the batteries and reflect that…well, maybe it was time I posted something that is not about football. I mean, the second round games were pretty entertaining, and there is still a lot to look forward to, plus away from the World Cup my beloved Liverpool have a new manager in Roy Hodgson, which is an encouraging appointment (although I’m reserving judgement), and can pre-season training really have started already, but wasn’t this meant to be a blog post about something, anything, other than football? Well, how about beer, then? Read the rest of this entry »