Greenwich Comedy Festival Update (or “My 15 minutes of near fame”)

by Steve

Oh, the power of the internet! I write a moan about my experiences at a comedy festival, and before I know it, the story is everywhere!

Well, while not quite everywhere, but it did make a bit of a stir. Local blogger Darryl tweeted about it and blogged about it, while the local independent Greenwich site retweeted me. And the Docklands newspaper site ran a whole story about it. Unfortunately, they didn’t link back to me, but they did manage to get me an apology, albeit an indirect one, from the organisers:

“We apologise to the few members of our audience that had a slightly disrupted first half, we hope that the general atmosphere and entertainment of the festival overall allowed them to enjoy their evenings out!”

I’d argue that there were more than a “few” people disrupted. The local News Shopper report suggests there were some pretty obvious difficulties, and there have been a few tweets suggesting the same too, over the course of the week.

The organisers clearly have a great address book – the line-up is superb. It is just a shame that the rest of the experience leaves so much to be desired. A little customer service, and proper preparation, would work wonders. Still, at least I got an apology of sorts. Even if it does read as being a pretty grudging and reluctant one.

Isn’t the internet grand?