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A Lick of Paint

A woman painting a wing of an artcraft or something, quite carefully.

Following a brief blogging hiatus I thought I’d give this old place a fresh look. I may well change the banner image, or the fonts, or whatever else in due course, as the mood suits. So don’t be alarmed by any further changes, dear reader. But I haven’t just been mucking around with my WordPress Dashboard. I have also actually written some new blog posts, which makes a nice change from my usual empty promises about writing something. They will appear over the next few days I expect, and that initial flurry of activity will inevitably be followed by sporadic posting at best, and another unplanned hiatus at worst, depending on time commitments and your correspondent’s commitment, or lack thereof. Anyway, stay tuned and all that.

Image from the Library of Congress, via Flickr

The Reanimation Library

Some kind of weird spaceship-type thing

I do like to throw an image or two into a blog post, y’know, just to make it more pretty and stuff. Now, I’m a long way off exhausting the Flickr Commons for suitable pictures, but I have found (via the good people at The New Enquiry) a funky alternative for free visual delights: The Reanimation Library. It is a growing collection of images from old, out of circulation books, and is full of the weird and the wonderful. I’ve already found a fair few images that would look great for future posts, or failing that, would look pretty cool printed on a t-shirt or something. Anyway, just thought I’d share.

Image from Yearbook of Science and the Future, from The Reanimation Library