Friday Jukebox: The Loop

by Steve

Joined-up blogging! I wrote a post called The Loop and now here is a song with the same name! And the aforementioned post was about trains, and this has a sort-of-train-like rhythm! This blog isn’t just thrown together, you know…

I remember picking up Morrissey’s live album Beethoven Was Deaf on cassette, in Our Price. It was on sale too, so really cheap. I played it to death. Morrissey never really lived up to what he’d achieved in The Smiths, but I reckon this album came close – it actually had some bite, drive, drama and real performance.

I’m not sure he ever reached such heights with the studio albums. They could be a little tepid, mannered, or just not very good.

The Loop isn’t my favourite track from the album, but it is up there. Listening now takes me back to my Lonely Teenage Years. I guess you reach a point where a lot of listening is nostalgic. The past is a nice place to visit, and all that, but I wouldn’t want to listen to Morrissey all the time now.