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Friday Jukebox: The Loop

Joined-up blogging! I wrote a post called The Loop and now here is a song with the same name! And the aforementioned post was about trains, and this has a sort-of-train-like rhythm! This blog isn’t just thrown together, you know… Read the rest of this entry »

Morrissey gets irate about music videos on TV-am

Paul Gambaccini interviews Morrissey on the TV-am sofa in 1984. Henry Kelly and Toni Arthur get involved in the conversation too, with varying results. While Morrissey comes across as a bit pompous, I do miss pop/rock stars having something interesting to say, and it is always enjoyable watching them saying that something interesting in an odd environment, like breakfast television.

It’s not like any other love

Thirty years ago today The Smiths released their first single. Read the rest of this entry »