What I Find When I Look In My Inbox

by Steve

Image from Network Manager Reference Manual

I hope you‘ve enjoyed your journey to personalisation so far

the know-how and confidence to successfully integrate

partners invite you to experience the power

There’s too much networking to be had


need people to be falling in love with us every single day

We value your privacy

In a world where consumers have more choice than ever before

We encourage you to subscribe


The headlong smash of technology

the trap of traditional methodologies

safe without censoring

observe this lack of security


examine how you can get more people out onto our streets

Forming an emotional connection

Warmly invited

Please do not answer to this e-mail


Some sort of found poetry nonsense, with phrases taken from various sales and marketing emails I’ve received. I think there is something quite sinister, but also really sad, about some of the language. There is this will to connect, but perhaps not always for the right reasons.

Image from Internet Archive Book Images, via Flickr