Advent Calendar 2014: Day Twenty Three

by Steve

Christmas lights around pillars

One more shopping day until Christmas. Although they are all shopping days these days, aren’t they? Good luck to all you brave and hardy souls who will venture out there tomorrow. I shall be with you in spirit. And possibly in body too, if I realise I’ve forgotten something at the last-minute. No doubt I will end up in one shop or other. 

I saw a lovely scene today. A small boy was knocking on a front door. An old lady answered and was greeted by the boy holding a large present aloft for her. It was really touching and seemed close to what Christmas is about, beyond all the actual religious stuff anyway, that this is a time for being decent to your fellow (wo)man. For reaching out in some way. Making people feel less alone.

I think we could all do a little better on that front. I know I could and can.