Advent Calendar 2014: Day Four

by Steve

Small chocolate on desk

‘Tis the season of indiscriminate chocolate consumption.

It is everywhere. It lurks in our Advent calendars (the real ones, not lumbering blog post series like this one). It is there in our offices, even more the usual. You may even find a shop assistant offering you something sugary to keep you purchasing and to make you feel a little more inclined to spend more of your hard-earned in their store.

If you visit someone you are bound to encounter chocolate, and will feel bound to have some. Unless you can fake some sort of allergy. Or a new vegan diet. But then next time they will ambush you with dairy-free chocolate and you’ll feel obliged to eat it, which will be no fun at all.

I had plans to get some exercise in this month, to counter the chocolate and whatever else comes my way. I figured it was better to start now than be a glutton and try working it all off come January along with everyone else. January. Surely the worst of all months to start an exercise regime.

The plans haven’t gone brilliantly.

Thinking about it, I planned to plan a plan, but didn’t even plan that plan.

I think I was too busy stuffing my face with chocolate. That became my training regime. I was training myself to eat more chocolate. Oh well.

And don’t get me started on mince pies…