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Advent Calendar 2015: Days Five and Six

Trees in office reception

Every year I have odd days when I forget to open my Advent calendar and have to catch up. Yes, I still have an Advent calendar, and somehow even the incentive of chocolate isn’t enough to remind me to open a little door each day. This post is the sort-of-equivalent, but ultimately less satisfying than stockpiled chocolate treats.

Snowflake decoration, up close

Advent Calendar 2014: Day Four

Small chocolate on desk

‘Tis the season of indiscriminate chocolate consumption. Read the rest of this entry »

Booze Reviews: Stone Levitation, Great Divide Belgica, Young’s Chocolate Stout

Men raising steins of beerInspired by the good work/beer evangelism of the ever-readable Builder of Coalitions, among others, I’ve been trying some different beers, and thought I’d treat you lucky things to some quick and dirty beer reviews. There are so many good beers out there, so I figured I ought to join in the conversation and get beer-blogging again. Read the rest of this entry »