Advent Calendar 2014: Day Three

by Steve

Christmas tree in front of office buildings

I feel a bit odd about sponsored Christmas trees. It seems a little against the spirit of the season to have a big ol’ tree surrounded by advertising. However, I do like a big ol’ tree, so I appreciate people spending some money on one. But then again, I don’t feel too festive when I wonder if the tree is just an advertising vehicle.

Then there are the trees or lights or similar displays in more modest shopping parades, that are paid for through donations. That makes me feel a bit queasy too, as it is often the shopkeepers arranging the collections, collections to pay for a display that will bring more people to the area, and ultimately more people through the doors of their shop. Why can’t the shopkeepers just pay for the display and see it as an investment?

Anyway, an incoherent near-rant and a blurry photo. This is that awkward busy time of year before Christmas with various deadlines looming. Not that fun, but I live in hope that getting through the boring office politics will make Christmas feel even more special, and earned.

When I got off the train last night there were a small band of carol singers at the station. Little Donkey isn’t exactly my main Christmas jam, but it was still lovely. There were kids with Santa hats and adults shaking charity collection buckets. It felt a little more like Christmas.