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Advent Calendar 2016: Days Ten to Nineteen inclusive

wp-1482147841364.jpgBest laid plans and all that. I thought a post a day of some murky black and white Christmas photo would be one way of responding to the lack of posts I’ve made this year and also a means of generally making me feel a little more festive. However, a bout of something norovirus-y, more work than is ideal in December (what happened to “winding down” and countless Christmas lunches?) and my recurring bouts of procrastination means those posts have, well, not really happened.

But in the spirit of completism, here are some more dodgy, blurry Christmas snaps to get the project back on the road. Not long to go now, eh?










Advent Calender 2016: Day Two

Christmas trees in van

On my lunchtime walk I came across two guys delivering Christmas trees. One was having a fag and drew attention to the whole enterprise by wearing a kilt and branded fleece. I guess he was the face of the operation. The other was sorting through the trees, getting the right one out. He wasn’t wearing a kilt. They have obviously discovered their niche. I wondered if they were Christmas tree growers all year, preparing for the big rush in December, or if they did something else from January to November before joining in the festive commerce. Either way I guess this sort of thing is big business now. It isn’t enough for a workplace to just send someone out to buy a tree and some decorations. It is now a professional enterprise.

Merry Christmas

Trees in church, aisle

May you and your loved ones have a wonderful Christmas. If today is something you look forward to and enjoy, then I hope you enjoy it. If today is something you dread and endure, then I hope you get through it OK. Read the rest of this entry »

Advent Calendar 2014: Day Three

Christmas tree in front of office buildings

I feel a bit odd about sponsored Christmas trees. It seems a little against the spirit of the season to have a big ol’ tree surrounded by advertising. However, I do like a big ol’ tree, so I appreciate people spending some money on one. But then again, I don’t feel too festive when I wonder if the tree is just an advertising vehicle. Read the rest of this entry »