Advent Calendar 2014: Day One

by Steve

Christmas decorations hanging from supermarket ceiling

Christmas! Christmas is on its way! And we’re allowed to say that today, as today is actually December.

Yesterday I saw a lot of Christmas decorations. As we drove home I could see a lot of Christmas trees twinkling in people’s front rooms. There are a few houses already decked out with external Christmas lights. Earlier I’d been to the supermarket and the decorations were already in place, reflecting the strip-lighting in a gaudy, yet oddly affecting way.

I’m pretty well programmed to finding a bargain at the supermarket, and avoiding the false bargain. Three-for-two is only worth it if you’re going to consume all three, and not throw one-and-a-half away. I’m not afraid to number-crunch to discover the best price per weight, or to stock up on dry goods when an offer is running.

I noticed yesterday that a lot of offers were running until 30th November. You don’t need offers to encourage gluttony and greed come December. Buy, buy, buy. I succumbed to some mini mince pies, because I’m only human, but I left the gift aisles well alone. For now. I was a little reassured to see chutney on offer until 28th December, as Christmas seems to be my main chutney consumption period.

Two women ahead of me at the tills had a long old chat, rounded off by “Have a good Christmas!” and I guess now is the time to start saying that sort of thing.

I escaped without my enthusiasm for Christmas dulled by capitalism, although no doubt that will come. The decorations were a little too early, but today they feel welcome. Let’s make the most of the season of goodwill. And keep it about just that.