Saturday Night Movie: The National

by Steve

I love The National. Easily one of the best bands in the world right now.

Album after album full of great songs. Lyrics like novels. And the drums! I love their drummer more than anyone should. Anyway, this live show was streamed then posted recently and has been soundtracking my working week. They may not be the most visual of bands, but there is some nice tailoring there to admire. As much as I listen to more than my fair share of plaid-clad musicians, I do like a band that isn’t afraid to wear a suit. Sydney Harbour isn’t too shabby a backdrop either.

I figured one way of adding a little of the old content here would be to post a video worth watching each week, on a Saturday night, as that seems as good a time as any to post this kind of thing. Saturday night telly is pretty awful, so an alternative doesn’t hurt, right? Anyway, this might be a new slot, if I can find enough worth sharing and don’t end up consumed by laziness etc.