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700 is the natural number following 699. Read the rest of this entry »

Regal/ABC Bexleyheath

I found this lovely little video about the Regal cinema in Bexleyheath. Read the rest of this entry »

Bexley in happier times

My post last week about Bexley Borough’s proposed closure of 27 open spaces has got many more views than I’d ever expected it would get. It turns out a council planning to close parks isn’t just a ‘hyperlocal‘ issue. In the current financial and political climate it is a warning sign that this could happen anywhere. Read the rest of this entry »

Saturday Night Movie: The Story of English Inns

A lovely little film from 1944 on the history and importance of the English Inn, including some wonderful and wistful footage on how inns and pubs once looked and probably should still look. Gathering for a pint has always been about a whole lot more than the beer, as this film shows. Cheers!

The Futurist

The “futurist” produces work that looks like an ancient artifact. The modern rooted in the past – Ulysses paralleled with the Odyssey, Art Deco looking back to Egypt and all that. Remake and remodel, nothing really new. Here was a future before that other future of spaceships and Bakofoil. We’re in those futures now, and nothing looks familiar. We don’t seem to have futures of our own, beyond the prosaic and those borne out of fear. It is less of a concept. We’re in that old eternal now I suppose. We’ll probably recognise our futures once they have gone.