A few notes on last year, this year

by Steve

This week feels like a limbo week. I’m used to feeling that way in the days between Christmas and New Year, but those feelings have persisted. I’m sure it is just a trick of the calendar. As there have been just two working days between the New Year bank holiday and the weekend it seems like the vast majority of people have stayed off of work.

The trains have been a little less busy. London has certainly been emptier, almost eerie in the places where the shops and cafés have stayed closed too. The office has been pretty much deserted, something of a reward for coming in these past two days. Taking it easy in a quiet office, generally getting done what I need done at my own pace with no interruptions has been a reasonably nice way of easing myself into the new year at work. It is good to feel that for working these two days I can now take off two busier days further down the line and escape the noise and fuss and the usual office nonsense.

Anyway, I guess this is the time when I should be looking back on a year’s blogging and planning the year ahead. In 2013 I had a vague idea of blogging at least once a week. Apart from a couple of weeks I pretty much achieved that, although I did cheat on some occasions by just sticking up a YouTube video.

As an aside, I’ve noticed that a lot of blogs, including some popular ones, seem more focused on curating than writing. It annoys me, but it doesn’t stop me doing it too.

I also had in mind that it might be good to post 100 times across the year. 100 is obviously an arbitrary figure, but still feels like a worthwhile one. I reached it fairly easily. While I’m all for quality, a little quantity doesn’t always hurt either. I was Freshly Pressed, which was nice, and gave the place its 15 minutes of fame.

As for 2014 – more of the same, I guess. I don’t have any great project or game plan up my sleeve. I think I’ll keep plodding along, writing the usual sort of stuff, posting the usual sort of filler when I run out of time/motivation/inspiration to actually write something meaningful. I’m sure at some point I’ll decide to read more/better which will inspire me to greater things, or write something really fascinating or do something interesting, then lose interest, and chronicle all/some/none of it here. As I said, the usual.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying the limbo.

No great announcements here then, apart from stay tuned. And, as always, thank you for reading. Even when it is filler like this.