Expanding the Empire

by Steve

Various men surrounded my various maps

I seem to have been doing more than my fair share of hand-wringing over the ol’ curation versus creation debate, worrying that there is too much sharing and not enough making of stuff to share. Yet here I am, after dabbling for a while, expanding the Wait Until Next Year empire and starting an off-shoot Tumblr blog. Hypocrite, fence-sitter or latter-day renaissance man? You decide, reader!

It is by no means a replacement for this place – this is still very much my online home. However, it is some sort of depository for whatever doesn’t make it onto the blog here. That may mean less filler here, or it may just mean I foist even more crap onto the internet, just from multiple places.

Or perhaps it is best to view it as an online scrapbook or teenage bedroom wall, full of stuff I’ve found fun, or entertaining, or pretty, but that will generally on the whole not have a great deal of substance. Or just doesn’t warrant me waffling on about it for ages. Kind of the mid-point between this place and my Twitter account. Because you just can’t get enough of me, right?

In the best case scenario it will sate any urges of mine to curate or collect online, and free me up mentally for more proper blogging here. Worst case scenario, it dies a death as I quickly grow tired of maintaining multiple online presences and this place returns to sporadic filler and little else amid my general online malaise. Time will tell, folks.

Anyway, check out the Wait Until Next Year Tumblr Festival of Crap by clicking this here link.

Image from The Library of Congress