by Steve

There’s this great little food market I sometimes go to for my lunch. But let’s forget the food for a moment, as good as it is. Currently there’s a load of street art around and about the market, from giant paintings, to surveillance robots in the coffee shop, to huge be-capped bugs on the roofs.

The whole project is called The Rise of the Nonconformists. This conjured up for me images of nonconformism in the religious sense of the word, with masses of Quakers and Baptists roaming the streets, rather than oversized insects, but there you go. Perhaps bugs do their own thing too. Still, my thoughts weren’t that odd, considering there is a nonconformist cemetery nearby, and Wesley’s Chapel.

Wandering around looking at the exhibits I did worry that it was all a little hip, but then realised I should probably just relax and enjoy the fun. Still, I think I’d have prefered the insects if they were super-realistic, just to really freak people out and put people off their food. I could then pretend I was living in my own real-life horror film.

O they could scrap the bugs and go along with my nonconformist/relgious idea, with gigantic Methodist ministers looming from the tops of buildings. Now, that would be excellent.