Meet the Met

by Steve

Steve's Mets trading cardThe baseball season is almost upon us. Spring training is in full swing. And just like the players, I’ve been preparing for the new season.

I’ve drafted my fantasy baseball team (the mighty Pretzel Vendors).I’m not convinced listening to hours of fantasy baseball podcasts and poring over my Bill James book did a whole lot of good, but it should be a fun fantasy season, nonetheless. Drafting in haste, I’ll be tweaking at leisure. Or something like that.

I’ve renewed my subscription. They also successfully upsold me a minor league baseball subscription (for pennies, so I couldn’t resist). I’ll have literally thousands of games at my fingertips. I now have to (a) work out how to find more hours in the day (b) decide which AAA sides I should keep an eye on (c) fight off any buyer’s remorse when I don’t have the time (or maybe even the inclination) to watch thousands of hours of baseball every week. However, I doubt there is a better value deal in all online-sport-y-watching this side of a dodgy streaming site, so I should be happy with the deal even if I don’t use it each and every day.

But perhaps most importantly, the New York Mets have confirmed I’m their “tenth man”. And about time too. I mean, I don’t think they could do a whole lot worse, and they need all the help they can get.  Click-y the picture to see my swanky, lifelike trading card in its full glory. They even made a whole video about me, but sadly I can’t embed the thing. But you can make your own here. It is great fun.