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Taking a look at the new MLB pop-up store in London

Exterior of MLB pop-up in London

This lunchtime I went for a walk to Long Acre in Covent Garden to have a mooch around the brand new pop-up store dedicated to everything Major League Baseball. Read the rest of this entry »

Yu Darvish throws five pitches at once

Yu Darvish throws five pitches at once

Well, he doesn’t quite, as awesome as that would be. But nearly as awesome is this GIF overlaying each of his different pitches. It is a great illustration of how well he disguises what he is going to throw – he releases the ball from pretty much the same place and in the same way each time, yet the trajectory varies widely. Which I guess explains why he is so hard to hit.

GIF from Reddit, and half the internet today

Another Opening Day

President Wilson opens the season

This place started out as a blog about sport. I pretty quickly realised that I didn’t have anything interesting to say about sporting matters, so I decided to broaden the focus of the blog, as I had nothing interesting to say about lots of other things too. Still, the lack of sporting posts doesn’t mean that I don’t like sport anymore. Far from it. One such day of excitement is baseball’s Opening Day. Read the rest of this entry »

My Uneducated, Ill-informed 2011 MLB Predictions

Retro hotdog/baseball advertBaseball’s Opening Day is tomorrow, and so I thought that I would publicly record my predictions for the season that lies ahead. Some of my comments have already appeared in the MLB Predictions post over at BaseballGB, where I’m entering my second year as an uneducated, ill-informed columnist. However, I thought I’d also throw up my full, unedited set of predictions and comments for posterity, if only to show in October how awful I am at predicting anything (as my bookmaker will attest). Feel free to pity/ignore as appropriate: Read the rest of this entry »

Meet the Met

Steve's Mets trading cardThe baseball season is almost upon us. Spring training is in full swing. And just like the players, I’ve been preparing for the new season. Read the rest of this entry »