100 not out

by Steve

A minor milestone for the blog, as this is my 100th post here. In recent days, the blog has also tipped over the 1,000 pageviews mark. Neither are massive achievements by any means, but have certainly given me a just a little bit of pleasure. The blog has limped forward from having extremely sporadic posts read by nobody, to having reasonably regular posts read by at least a few people. And you know what? That’s enough for me.

I have never really had any ambitions when it comes to this blog, but it is always nice to know you’re being read, and especially satisfying to get responses – so thank you to everyone who has ever commented!

Anyway, enough of the Oscar speech, and onto the matters at hand. I’ve decided to treat myself and the blog to a proper domain name, so you can now access the site via http://waituntilnextyear.net. However, the old address, https://waituntilnextyear.wordpress.com will continue to work just as well.

I’ve also been thinking about the content on the site, and how I could improve it and perhaps make it more enjoyable, for me to write, and for you, dear reader, to read!

I’m aware that despite positioning this as a general ‘sport’ blog, I’ve only really been covering a couple of sports in any depth. And, to be honest, I only have so much time to watch sport, much to my consternation, and to my Significant Other’s relief.

So, there were two options. I could either focus my efforts further, or alternatively, widen my reach beyond sport and just blog about whatever comes into my head.

I’ve read enough ‘how to blog’ sites to know the former is the sensible option. However, the second option sounds a lot more fun to me. So, while the prime focus will remain on sport, I am going to play around with other subjects from time to time. It might make the blog more messy, it might stunt its growth and put people off, but I reckon it could make things a little more interesting. And that’s a good thing, right?

I do have some ideas about the various directions I’d like to take the blog and my writing in the next few months. I’m thinking of sticking up some writings on music, as we all know the internet needs more half-baked album reviews. I also think that us living in such a fascinating time, with wave upon wave of new technology, is probably worth commenting on. In terms of sport, I might end up writing some posts with me actually learning some stuff, rather than just blithering on with my ill-informed opinions. Oh, and there will be plenty of my usual blithering on with ill-informed opinions. It is what the internet was built for!

So, to round off this ego-post, I’d be delighted to hear any feedback, thoughts on where the blog could go from here, or any suggestions for new content.

Thanks for reading!