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Prompt Me

weird infomation machines on a stageFriend of the blog Mike posted a fine list of blogging ideas last month. This was in response to a similar post of mine. And here I am now, inspired to write a post, from a post that was inspired by mine. And the idea I’ve been inspired by is to reflect on the nature of writing prompts. This makes this either an incredibly neat and apt post or a bit indulgent and inward-looking. Probably a bit of all of the above. Read the rest of this entry »

Prompted into action

Person waiting to type

WordPress offers bloggers regular ideas or starting points for new posts, with the Daily Prompt feature. I can certainly see the value of it but have always been a little wary. I’d like to write stuff from my own ideas, not from the prompts of others. But with a short period of blogging-time becoming available, and no posts lined up in my head that I could just bash out without any real work, I figured I’d take a look at the suggestions and see if I was inspired. And I was. Kind of. I thought I’d try to respond to the last five prompts posted here in this very post. Read the rest of this entry »