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The return of Frank Bascombe

Coastline post-Hurricane Sandy

Potentially rather exciting news for fans of Richard Ford with reports of him reading from a new Frank Bascombe story. Ford has written three books focusing on the character, and I am a huge fan of themRead the rest of this entry »

Sunday Reading

Woman eading by gaslight

More stuff I’ve been reading/plan to read. And yet another filler post from me. Enjoy.

Image from the US National Archives, via Flickr

All you can eat

Guys sitting at counter of old American diner

Man V Food is a wonderful TV show. For the uninitiated: the eponymous Man, Adam Richman, travels around America visiting various restaurants and eating holes, with each episode culminating with him taking on a particular establishment’s eating challenge. The challenge tends to revolve one of two themes – either eating a lot of food, or eating something that is incredibly hot. On rare occasions the challenge incorporates elements of both. Read the rest of this entry »

Fiction and tackling the British sporting experience

Old football team photo

I read today an interesting article in the Financial Times on the portrayal of sport in fiction. The main argument of the piece is that American authors have never been afraid to tackle the subject and have covered sport extensively, and well. Meanwhile, British authors have been far less inclined to cover sport in fiction, and have been far less convincing when they’ve tried. Reading this piece alongside an article from the Observer covering similar ground a couple of years ago, has left me wondering about sport in fiction, and how sport could work in British fiction. Read the rest of this entry »

Happy Thanksgiving!

New Yorker magazine cover

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American visitors. It seems like a good excuse to post one of my favourite New Yorker covers, that I think is apt for all manner of high days and holidays. I’m thankful for a whole bunch of stuff – a wonderful wife, supportive and loving family, a home, a job…so much great sport, great music, beer, takeaway curry, catch-up television, high-speed internet access…you know, all the important stuff.

I shall try to hunt down a turkey sandwich or something this lunchtime, and think of all you lucky people with a day off work. Have fun!