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Detective Story

Detective Short Stories magazine coverContinuing my blog post idea challenge, here’s a little piece of fiction, following Mr Pizza Cottontail’s suggestion that I write a short story (slash, detective, Southern gothic, etc.) about my blog’s commenters. It is very much tongue-in-cheek, I went for a detective story (I guess you worked that out from the title of this post, eh?) and I assure you I intend to cause no offense! Here goes… Read the rest of this entry »

My love of Evil Corporate Coffee

Woman serving coffee to policemenI never used to like coffee. As a kid I was far more inclined to have a glass of orange squash or, if I was lucky, a can of carbonated pop. As I got older I tried coffee more, but it quite often left me a jittery mess. And once I was old enough to drink alcohol, I struggled to understand why anyone would spend as much on a cup of coffee as they would on a pint of beer. Read the rest of this entry »