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The Late, Late 2014 Post

Sunrise over Erith

It might be 2015 already, but for the sake of completism or something along those lines I figured I’d round-up the year just gone. 2014 was on a personal level the best year yet, but this isn’t the place for me to go on about that (I like retaining some degree of privacy, for all manner of reasons which would probably make a fun post, but of course is one I could never write, or at least publish for those very reasons, but I digress). However, it feels like this is the place for a quick and really incomplete run-down of all the stuff I enjoyed in 2014. Read the rest of this entry »

The “What I Listened To On My Way To Work” Exercise

Man sitting on a train. It looks hot. He has a nice hat and a newspaper to keep him cool.OK folks, it is time for me to tackle another blog post idea, as part of my harebrained Blog Post Idea Challenge. This time around the idea comes from Mr Builder of Coalitions, Zac, who suggested I set my mp3 player to random on my morning commute and write about the songs that come up, as a homage to the currently dormant blog What I Listened To On My Way To Work Today. Read the rest of this entry »

2010 Anti-List (Part One)

Postman at ChristmasWhile I really enjoy other people’s end of year lists, I have always been hopeless at putting mine together. I’m not one of those “You can’t rank art!” people, but I am pretty indecisive, and prone to moments of insecurity, where I worry that if I haven’t listened to every single major music release in a year, then how can I be in a position to judge an album of the year? So, these kind of minor histrionics have delayed me posting any sort of Best of 2010 list. Until now that is. You lucky things. Read the rest of this entry »