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Hanging Baskets

Hanging basket with petunias and fuschias

Hanging baskets are funny things. They feel a bit dated, a bit fussy. Fussy in how they look, very much a construction, an obvious artifice, and so perhaps a little bit jarring when it comes to a natural space like a garden. They are also fussy in terms of maintenance too, with the constant deadheading and watering. I’m forever fussing around them, watering them even when it rains. I have had too many failed baskets. I have learned that hanging baskets crave attention.

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A walk to the station #9

As an enthusiastic but inexperienced gardener I take a keen interest in the front gardens I see on my walk to work. I’ve read that one way of finding out what will grow well in your own garden is to see what is thriving in other gardens nearby. That seems like a sensible notion. Read the rest of this entry »

Tending my own garden

Old glass lantern slide of gardener

We’ve been living in our current place for a little over a year now. And over the past few months we’ve edged closer to getting the house sorted. It has been rewired, re-floored, re-carpeted, re-decorated, re-most things. We’ve found homes for stuff that never had a home. The place feels very much like home now, somewhere I’m reluctant to leave each morning and eager to return to every evening. Read the rest of this entry »