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Every Cloud: My adventures as a delegate at a technology conference (Part Two)

Diagram of back of monitor/computer

Part one of this piece can be found here

The first speaker is from the Major Technology Company. He isn’t a keynote speaker as such, but is as close to a wow speaker as we are going to get today, looking at the agenda. He has the standard cool tech guy look of an open-necked shirt, v-neck sweater, floppy hair. Well, the standard cool tech guy look of a few years back, but as I’m still rocking that look myself, I feel an affinity. Read the rest of this entry »

Every Cloud: My adventures as a delegate at a technology conference (Part One)

Diagram of computer monitor

So, I’m spending the day at a conference on technology and things are not going well. Fundamentally not going well. Not going well in the sense that I can’t actually find the conference. The conference is being held in a large and prominent office complex. It is being hosted by a Major Technology Company housed in said complex. I can find the complex, but I can’t find the right entrance. There are at least four, by my count, and none seem to be the right one, nor do any of them actually mention their tenant who, and I can’t state this enough, is a Major Technology Company who really should be prominently featured around the complex. Although maybe there are security concerns. Or they just see this as the initial test – if you can’t find your way in, they don’t want you in there, polluting the minds of all the clever (I won’t say genius as I know that has connotations for a particular Major Technology Company and might give you the wrong impression, plus genius is a little understood and much overused term, right?) folk in there. Read the rest of this entry »