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A brief anecdote on how not everyone is ready for the craft beer revolution

Bottle of Punk IPA

I was out on Friday with some friends, some reasonably new acquaintances. Towards the end of the evening I ordered a bottle of Brewdog’s Punk IPA. Hardly the most exotic beer in the world, but I’d had enough generic lager / bog-standard bitter for one night.
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2010 Anti-List (Part One)

Postman at ChristmasWhile I really enjoy other people’s end of year lists, I have always been hopeless at putting mine together. I’m not one of those “You can’t rank art!” people, but I am pretty indecisive, and prone to moments of insecurity, where I worry that if I haven’t listened to every single major music release in a year, then how can I be in a position to judge an album of the year? So, these kind of minor histrionics have delayed me posting any sort of Best of 2010 list. Until now that is. You lucky things. Read the rest of this entry »

Brewdog Paradox Smokehead (or ‘My Head Hurts, But I’ll Try A Craft Beer Review Anyway’)

Brewdog Paradox SmokeheadSo, all that beer talk gave me quite the thirst. And boy did I go to town satisfying it last night. It was a friend’s birthday, and he is probably the most beer-geeky of my friends. He appreciates a good drink, and I appreciate that. The night was going swimmingly enough, but we were ending up in the kind of trendy bars where you might get a fancy lager, but you’re unlikely to come across anything more interesting. Read the rest of this entry »