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The price of a pint

Beer cans on bar

The latest edition of monthly beer blogging activity The Session asks bloggers to “capture ONE thing you think we will see MORE of with an explanation of the idea.” Here are my brief thoughts on a Beer Future. Read the rest of this entry »

Mass Observation

Two men at bar

This is an exercise in pub Mass Observation, as part of Boak and Bailey’s challenge for The Session, asking bloggers to “take a notebook to a pub or bar — any one you fancy — and write a note of what you observe”. Read the rest of this entry »

Advent Calendar 2014: Day Fifteen

Smoking area outside pub

Funny to think that smoking used to be allowed in pubs. I remember the scaremongering when the ban came in – the predictions that nobody would go out, that every pub would close and the world would fall apart. This, of course, didn’t quite happen. I remember the early days of the ban when we all realised that without the fags pubs are really horrible, smelly places. Now the better pubs aren’t so smelly, and the bad pubs can be sniffed out, quite literally, within moments. Read the rest of this entry »

The Just In Time For Last Orders Pint

Couple sat at window of pub

Following on from the Missed Train Pint and The Pint With Your Fish and Chips On A Friday, I thought I’d return to the subject of my favourite drinking scenarios, which brings me to the joy of the Just In Time For Last Orders Pint. Read the rest of this entry »