Here’s that rainy day

by Steve

IMG_20200428_090952200-01.jpegThe first real rain for a while. The garden needs it, etc.

One of the real quiet joys of life is being indoors on a rainy day. A happy containment. I enjoy watching the raindrops land and stagger down the window pane, how those drops collectively distort the light and blur the edges of the details outside. Those drops interrupt the telephone lines, turn their continuity into a series of dots and dashes. Nothing is sharp, nothing is stark. It brings the home into focus. And I am lucky as this home is a refuge not a trap. I peer out and the light that has made its way through the clouds is doing interesting things. The greens are much richer. The pinks much punchier on the roses across the road. The wet pavement shimmers, almost glows.

The rain continues.