Happy National Day of Lucha Libre!

by Steve

The Mexican Senate recently voted 75-0 for September 21st to be El Día Nacional de la Lucha Libre, National Day of Lucha Libre. This shows that while we may have our problems with democracy and voting, there is at least one example out there of politicians making the right decision, and unanimously too.

To celebrate here is the recent mask versus mask match between Trauma I and Canis Lupus. It is pretty damn good example of what lucha libre can be. It isn’t just about dudes in masks flipping and flying about. It is about drama, masculinity, struggle, identity, and if you make it to the end, even love. I think it may be one of the purest and most perfect art forms.

Or maybe I just like the weird catharsis that comes from watching guys in tights pretending to hurt one another.

Either way this might be one of those other Big Subjects I try tackling over the next few months. I want to write about the important stuff, after all. I think pro wrestling might tell us more about ourselves and the world than we think. It is also so dramatic and daft that it makes pretty good source material.

Anyway, Happy National Day of Lucha Libre, and a warning that if blood makes you feel queasy you might want to give this video a miss.