Taking Requests

by Steve

Florida lounge band

Hello everyone. I thought it might be fun to ask for some requests. What would you like me to write about? You can just offer a word, or a title for a post, or supply a detailed break-down of what you would like me to write. Or you could suggest a video or image or song as a starting point.

I’ll endeavour to write a post for every single suggestion, with the usual caveats that I might veer widely off-subject, approach the prompt in a tangential way or ignore any instructions. But I’ll try my best not to do that.

Lately I’ve been knuckling down to write more, but a few things I’m working on are longer and just a little unwieldy so it may take some time for them to see the light of day. They may never see the light of day at all. So, it seems sensible to keep writing smaller things in the meantime, hence this plea for inspiration. I think brief writing exercises, for want of a better phrase, are a healthy way of keeping the old writing muscles in shape.

This is something I’ve tried a few times before on here and it has always generated some interesting topics to write about, so thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have. I think it would also be fun for anyone else reading to take those suggestions and prompts and have a go too, which I’ll very happily collate and plug as and when they come in.

However, I’m also aware that this blog doesn’t get a whole lot of visitors and this post may not generate any prompts, so I end with a warning. If I receive no suggestions I may have to delve into the dark world of WordPress’ Daily Prompt instead. And I’m sure nobody wants to see that. I tried writing a response to the prompt “Plop” and believe me, it was awful.

Image from Florida Memory, via Flickr