Some Londons

by Steve

Tall buildings on Moor Lane

I do like to wander around London, as a lot of people do. A walk from the station into work, a walk back at night, and often a walk during my lunch hour. There are so many Londons, often within yards of each other. So many unheralded corners, neglected views.

At the top of Moor Lane I would look up and feel like I was in some sort of futuristic film noir, the oppressive towers casting a weird shiny shade on the scenes below, the tradesmen’s’ entrances, underground car parks, the lonely chain sandwich shop just beyond.

1 Coleman Street

1 Coleman Street stands out among the other office buildings. The weird angles, the hive-like structure. A little spaceship-y. A welcome punctuation mark between the faceless towers and the heritage-y rebuilds.
Carts in back streetWalking through Shoreditch I came across a film set, in the process of being dismantled. Or they may have been putting it up, I couldn’t tell. There was a neat juxtaposition between the genuinely old street, the modern protection measures for the old, empty buildings, and the decoration in place to hide the modern and make the street old again. Up close nothing really looked genuine. The street appeared to be out of time.