Friday Jukebox: Losing My Edge

by Steve

LCD Soundsystem’s first album came out ten years ago.

This world-weary, jaded, ironic, silly take on hipsterdom, on elitism, inverted snobbery, growing old, is now old itself. I’m not sure a whole lot has changed.

These are still common feelings. I saw a preview of upcoming new bands and I was pretty sure all the names were made up. I can hear all manner of influences in modern music from my youth. I’m still listening to the old bands, because the old bands won’t stop playing. And I won’t stop playing them.

The new bands are still selling their guitars and buying turntables, selling their turntables and buying guitars. We’re all still losing our edge. Listening to a song about losing your edge, ten years on, seems like losing your edge squared.

I was there. I probably wasn’t. I’m definitely not there now. But that’s the point, right?