Barber versus Café

by Steve

I could do with an establishment or two like these ones on my way into work each morning. I’m generally in need of a shave, and a hit of caffeine is always welcome. And to be able to get both sorted in the same place would make for a much smoother morning. 

I’m relieved that I live in an age and work in a place where I don’t need to be clean-shaven each morning. Although saying that, I do get the odd comment along the lines of “Are you growing a beard or something?” I don’t want to grow a beard, and it gets super-itchy after a week or so without shaving anyway. But I’m not great at shaving daily either. I’ll blame the nicks and razor burn, but the laziness and morning disorganisation are probably closer to the mark.

And I love a wet shave in a barbers – it feels like a real treat, one of the few real masculine pampering sessions, and a proper tradition too.

As for the coffee, well sometimes I get offered one at my barbers but it isn’t great, unless I get one of those thick Turkish coffees with a lump of Turkish delight by the side of it. However, there are a fair few good coffee places out there. Maybe they could find the room for a chair and someone with a cutthroat razor to smarten me up too?