Advent Calendar 2014: Day Eleven

by Steve

Christmas lights strung across street

My first really Christmas-y moment last night.

I had been out for a festive drink and was starting to make my way back home. I was walking to the station, taking backstreets and shortcuts wherever possible. I then turned the corner and the street was glowing, with lights strung from one side of the street to the other.

In my vaguely woozy state it was beautiful. I took a photo that seems a little woozy too, but the view doesn’t look quite as beautiful as I remember.

I know Christmas lights can be clichéd, but I loved the simplicity of these, raising down towards the road. They weren’t tied in with a festive film, or obviously associated with some sort of other corporate tie-in. They were just pretty, perfect little lights, that got me at exactly the right time.

I remember as a kid we would each year head up to London to see the lights. Those memories came flooding back. And it felt like Christmas was really on its way.