Friday Jukebox: Love At First Sight

by Steve

I’ve been meaning to get into the group Spain for getting on for twenty years. For several years I had an excuse as their albums weren’t exactly easy to get hold of, then they went quiet, which is less of an excuse on my part, then I forgot about them, which didn’t help and now I’ve finally started listening to their stuff, thanks to the wonders of the internet.

I love this song. I like me some whisper-y, slow, dreamy indie rock, but probably in small doses. Many an album from many an act has got a little tired for being so one-paced. But what makes this song is that it has that whisper-y, dreamy template, but then sticks a woozy, wavering, noisy guitar over the top and suddenly it is this different beast, as unsettling as it is reassuring, pleasantly odd, full of the textures and refined trickery that can keep a song from falling into being the same old song.

I really like the video too. I like odd shops. And I like the day-glo-y contrast to the darker feel of the song. I think it is a good thing that bands are still making videos. It gives me something to post here.