Friday Jukebox: Had To Hear

by Steve

As previously mentioned, I was off work at the start of the week, and we had the radio on a lot at home. This song seemed to be on pretty heavy rotation, or was at least the most memorable song I heard.

I like Real Estate, but being really behind with a lot of this year’s releases I hadn’t heard their latest album and didn’t recognise this song. It is the sort of dreamy, jangly indie pop that could have been released at any time over the last 30 years. It certainly isn’t pushing any boundaries, but it is lovely nonetheless.

This kind of song matched my mood, a little woolly headed and tired, yet not too upset about being home rather than out in the grey, damp day. I’m still a little woolly headed, for those keeping record, and it is still a little grey outside, but I’m pretty happy about it being the weekend. This song still matches my mood.