A walk to the station #12

by Steve

You didn’t think I’d given up on this, did you?

This morning was my first walk to the station this week. I’ve been off sick. Being ill isn’t that much fun, although I do like the staying-at-home part, that was lovely. I could have lived without the hacking cough and fuzzy head and all that other stuff though.

I’ve wrapped up this morning. Not only do I have my big, padded coat on, I have a decent sweater, and a thermal vest underneath my shirt. I am ready to face any onslaught of cold the morning might bring. However, I can’t stop breathing in cold air, and a brisk walk wearing many layers isn’t the best idea either. So, I end up feeling a bit sweaty and clammy on the outside, but with freezing lungs. A winning combination.

The majority of my walk is along a fairly wide, straight road with housing either side. This often leads to the walk feeling like a trip along a wind tunnel, the houses channeling all the air along the road and into the faces of us weary commuters. I often have to wear an extra layer just for this short walk, as by the time I get to work the day has warmed up enough, and my office is always pretty stuffy, as is my commute home. There needs to be some sort of coat rack at the station, like they have for bikes.

Anyway, normal service will resume here now. Now that I’ve got this pretty dull post out of the way. Sniffle. Cough. Poor me.