A walk to the station #11

by Steve

This morning I pass a house with a large sheet hung outside the upstairs window. Painted on the sheet in red paint is the legend HAPPY *40TH* BOB.

I remember a time when you would regularly see such homemade signs. They seemed to generally be hung on roundabouts, or road signs, I suppose this was to surprise the subject on their way home. And depending on their age, to maybe embarrass them a little too.

Looking through the downstairs window there are large, blue helium balloons,  a “0” and a “4” facing into the room.

I wonder if this is all a surprise. Perhaps Bob is coming around to visit later today and will break out into a big smile when he sees the oversized greeting, followed by the big, bright balloons in the front room, and who knows what else.

I’m a little more confused if this is where Bob lives. How did he not notice someone hanging a big sign on the front of his house? Will he only see it when he leaves the house? What if he decides to stay indoors today?

Happy birthday, Bob. Many happy returns. I hope you have a fantastic day.