Radio silence ends

by Steve

I realised today that I’ve neglected this place since April. I knew it had been a while, but didn’t realise it had been that long. Anyway, as it does, real life seems to have got in the way over the past few months, and only now while taking some annual leave have I realised that it is easy to find yourself consumed by and defining yourself by work, which is no fun whatsoever. Professionally things have been satisfying sporadically and frustrating regularly. It has been good to take a breather, not only from work, but also from my less constructive internet habits and realise that my most enjoyable internet activity is inflicting my thoughts here to a small, but perfectly formed, readership. Writing is also a great way of taking a break from the more banal and annoying aspects of life.

So, no real promises (although I’d love to draft some sort of high-falutin’ manifesto or statement of intent) as I’m sure real life and my inherent laziness will get in the way, but there is at least one post upcoming, and hopefully a fair few more.

Despite them dominating my less constructive internet habits, I have nagging doubts about some aspects of Twitter/Tumblr et al, as they rely so much on curation rather than actually producing something new and/or meaningful. And I think new stuff is lot more fun to produce and (hopefully) consume. So, from that pretty throwaway thought, I guess I see blogging as putting my money where my mouth is. Or something. I hope you get the idea. I’m sure there is a coherent argument to be made, but I don’t think I’ll be making it, and it has probably already been made in a hyper-literate article elsewhere, yet I can’t remember as I just scanned through it three months ago in-between checking if I’d got any retweets of my latest sarcastic comment and looking at photos of cats that look like Hitler.

Anyway, I digress. Watch this space folks. For a bit. Before I go quiet again. And then write a similar post to this again. Rinse and repeat.