The Jazz Scene

by Steve

Portrait of Howard McGhee and Miles Davis

After a bit of a surge in visitors to the site in the past couple of days I figured I’d scare them off with my real speciality, the filler post. Ah, but what filler today. I thought I’d highlight this collection of photos from William P. Gottlieb, taken in the 1930s and 40s, documenting the great and the good of the jazz world. There appears to be approximately one billion photos in the set, and they are all now in the public domain, so lazy bloggers such as me can use them to embellish their sites and write puff pieces like this.

Taking a look through them I began to wonder if there ever been as stylish a music scene as this one? While I don’t mind too much people being earnest about music and getting huffy about image/style-over-substance, I do like it when a performer looks good. It’s about the whole package, right? And I do love a sharp suit.

Never fear, there are a couple of real posts in the works, plus I should probably rewrite the About page soon as it is horribly out of date and pretty irrelevant. But in the meantime, enjoy the photography…

Image from the Library of Congress via Flickr, with the link found on the great Paris Review blog, because you don’t expect me to find things myself, do you?