Don’t read this, read these

by Steve

Man attempting to read whilst a load of noisy work goes on behind him

Rather than reading my floundering attempts at bloggery, you should really check out The Electric Typewriter‘s newly collated list of 111 Essential Articles and Essays. They seem to have covered a lot of the better-known essays that are free to access on the world-wide, but there are plenty I haven’t read yet.

While it probably isn’t a sustainable business model, I think the whole ‘Longreads” phenomenon is perhaps the best counter to the arguments around the dumbing down of the web/general dumbing down of popular cultural consumption by the web. Beyond that, it is just great to be able to read a whole lot of wonderful writing that previously you’d only be able to see if you had an exhaustive archive of magazines or if the article/essay got anthologised somewhere.

Anyway, take a break from my ramblings and see how it should be done. And if you feel so inclined do comment on what articles/essays on the list you’ve read and would recommend. Happy Friday everyone.

Image from the US National Archives, via Flickr