Video Games

by Steve


I’m generally late to the whole Next Big Thing party, and this is no exception. Still, I figured I’d be the 978,544th blogger to share this track from Lana Del Ray. I think it is pretty wonderful. I hope whatever follows lives up to the promise, as quite often I’ll hear a new act, get all excited and then feel disappointed when they get around to releasing an album with the same idea spun out 12 times. Then I realise I’m just a fool for hype, a video full of vintage footage and a single good song. Anyway, before disillusion (possibly) sets in, enjoy.

I figure throwing up a video or a fun picture now and then with a little bit of my rambling kind of almost nearly makes up for a lack of posts with Content. I’ll try and get in at least one Proper Post before the week is out. You lucky things.