Sporting endeavours

by Steve

Wall with pictures of sporting heroesThis blog was originally devoted to sport. However, I soon realised there was much fun to be had (for me, if not the reader) in exploring other areas. And I’d like to think by mucking around with other subjects I’ve kind of stretched my writing muscles (for want of a less corny term) in some interesting ways, become a little more rounded as a writer, and can now perhaps apply some of that to sporting subjects. Or something.

Anyway, in the absence of any real content today,  I thought I’d broadcast my navel-gazing and some possible future subjects.

I’m off to Lords on Saturday to catch the third day of the First Test between England and India. I am, understandably, very excited about this as it virtually guaranteed (barring rain, naturally) to be an incredible spectacle and sporting occasion. I also have the following Monday off work, so if the game goes to the fifth day I may well be able to catch that too.

I love watching cricket live, as there is so much to take in, and so much time to take it in. As the action takes place at a leisurely pace there are plenty of opportunities to people-watch, or to take a wander around the ground, let alone to observe the nuances of what is going on on the pitch. I’m hoping I will be able to leave Lords with a number of witty yet pertinent insights to dazzle you with. You won’t need a match report, there are journalists for that. But maybe your life has been lacking ill-considered insight of modern Test Match cricket, from yours truly.

Anyone following me on Twitter will have noticed I enjoy following the horse racing and making a series of monster 10p, 20p and 50p tips. When I am in a particularly frivolous mood I even stretch to a pound. And I think there is a fascinating article to be written about all the weird and wonderful amateur tipsters now populating Twitter. It really is an odd phenomenon. The question is, am I the right person to write said article? Probably not, but I may give it a go anyway.

Finally, the baseball. I’ve actually been able to consume a fair amount of it, either listening to the previous night’s radio broadcasts at work, or watching games at home. This year I’ve dabbled with watching some minor league baseball, and should make the time to record some reflections on it, as it seems really quite distinct from the major league version, and there may even be some kind of point to be made about different levels of sport generally, or something.

I should also perhaps try to find the time to restart my weekly (-ish) baseball column. I will have to offer a huge apology to the good staff of BaseballGB for letting them down this season and see if they will have me back.

And it won’t be long before the new football season is upon us…

It is great to have some ideas in mind, and I have a few non-sporting ones too. But still I use the scoundrel’s excuse of lack of time. Work has been busy and stressful for reasons I’d love to tell you about, but am probably wise not to. Free time has been limited, holiday time non-existent. But maybe with a little motivation and a little inspiration something of interest might pop up soon that isn’t bacon-based gobbledygook.

Image from the US National Archives, via Flickr