Holding Image

by Steve

Graffito: "I quietly observe, standing in my place"

Yes, this is one of those lame posts where I say I’ve been terribly busy, hence the distinct lack of longer lame posts this week. So, anyway, I’ve been terribly busy, hence the lack of posts this week. Apologies and all that. I do have some ideas for future posts that I’d like to give some proper thought and effort to, or failing that, I’d like to avoid writing them for long enough that I can safely reach the point where they no longer seem relevant and I can carry on with this Not Blogging lark. Right, that’s the admin over and done with.

I thought I would make up for the lack of Hot Blogging Action with a nice piece of graffito (that’s the singular of graffiti, right?) I go past on my way to and from work each day.


Then, somebody drew an arrow towards the unnecessary “S” and wrote,  “GOOD SPELLING, NOT”. I don’t know who did this. I can only imagine the pool of local grammatical pedants willing to write on public objects, in an ungrammatical way itself, perhaps in obscure homage to the Wayne’s World series of movies, what with putting “Not” at the end of a sentence being a pretty retro device made popular through said movie franchise, is small. I may be wrong.

So, soon after that, the extraneous “S” disappeared. I don’t know if the erasure was the work of the original author, taking the criticism on board and altering his text accordingly, or if it was the work of a third-party editor – perhaps Mr/Ms Good Spelling Not, finishing the job.

Anyway, enjoy etc.