The Mets, Family Guy and a navel-gazing footnote

by Steve

Today’s reading is the New Yorker profile of the New York Mets’ chairman and chief executive, Fred Wilpon.

I am currently mulling over:

a) is it a good thing for a team’s owner to run down his best players and call the team “shitty” in the name of honesty and transparency?


b) will these comments just make the Mets appear even more of a joke than they already are?

Anyway, in place of any actual analysis1, I figured I’d just throw up this Family Guy clip.

1. I remember a time when blogs were far more of a dumping ground for stuff. There would often be several short posts a day, or random images, or videos. It seems now that many blogs (at least the ones I read) are far more focused on proper posts, generally of a half-decent length. I guess the random mess of media stuff is now more Tumblr’s realm, plus Twitter has kind of run away with that whole short update, micro-blog thing, eh? Still, sometimes I think I should just throw up odd things here, in the name of keeping the ol’ blog updated, rather than worrying about word counts, or making sure my blog posts have substance or whatever other nonsense. This is a pretty shambolic blog anyway, so I shouldn’t really worry about maintaining its purity or purpose or whatever. However, if me throwing up slapdash stuff like this offends, do let me know, dear reader, through the usual channels. I can’t really decide what sort of format or style I prefer. I love blogs that have real guts and substance and content. I marvel at their ongoing efforts, at their ability to find the time to write something meaningful, their willingness to plan and rewrite, and to not ramble in the manner of this rather indulgent footnote. Yet, I guess I’m happy with any sort of post from my favourite bloggers, and any sort of post, no matter how small or inconsequential, is better than silence. I get mopey when my favourite bloggers are silent. Hmm. I’m not sure where this footnote is going, so bravo if you’re still reading. That’s probably enough, right?